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The company's 2020 technical center quality department selection announcement

According to the "Implementation Measures for the Selection and Appointment of the Deputy Minister of the Quality Department of the Technology Center of Jiurui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Trial)", combined with the actual needs of the quality department of the Technology Center, the technology is now publicly selected and hired for all on-duty staff (including interns) in the society and the company Deputy Director of the Quality Department of the Center. The specific selection plan is announced as follows:

1. Select the target

For all on-the-job staff (including interns) of the society and the company.

2. Selection and Employment Conditions

1. Good ideological and political quality, strong organizational discipline, strong sense of social responsibility and professionalism;

2. Have a certain professional level, familiar with physical and chemical testing (including moisture, net content, specific volume, acidity, solubility, clarity, color, trace metal ions, COD, etc.), biochemical testing (total number of colonies, E. coli, Mold index detection), and issue accurate and true data; familiar with the use and maintenance of large-scale equipment such as high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry, atomic absorption, etc.;

3. Have a certain level of professionalism and management, and have strong language expression skills, communication and coordination skills and problem-solving skills;

4. Have a healthy physique and good psychological quality.

Third, the number of candidates

1 person

Four, selection procedures

1. Personal application: the person who meets the selection conditions fills in the "Application Form for Selection and Appointment of Deputy Minister of Quality Department of Jiurui Biotechnology Co., Ltd." and sends the electronic file to zhaopin before 24:00 on July 20 @jiuruibiochem.com;

2. Qualification review: The Office of the Leading Group for the Selection and Employment of the Deputy Minister of the Quality Department of the Technology Center will conduct a qualification review of the applicants according to the selection conditions, and notify the candidates who enter the selection by telephone;

3. Selection and publicity: The Leading Group for the Selection and Appointment of the Deputy Minister of the Quality Department of the Technology Center conducts written examinations and interviews for applicants through written examinations and interviews. The written examination accounts for 40 points and the interview accounts for 60 points. The written test and interview are completed within the same day, and the written test lasts for 1 hour; the interview is divided into a personal presentation session (20 points) and a selection group inquiry session (40 points). Personal display session: The selected candidates will report on their personal profiles, job recognition, work ideas, etc. in the order of lottery, within 15 minutes, all candidates can participate in the listening session, and submit the ppt 30 minutes before the start of the personal display session file. Inquiry section of the selection team: Inquire the candidates one by one in the order of redrawing lots. According to the selection results, determine the candidates for selection and publicize them in the company;

4. After the selected person has no objection, sign an employment contract with the company.

Five, treatment

Enjoy the salary of the company's corresponding positions.

Special announcement.

Accessories:  long Swiss biotechnology Ltd. 2020 Nian Deputy Minister of Technology Center Quality Application Form .docx



General Manager Office of Jiurui Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

July 16, 2020



Jiurui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 2020 Technical Center Quality Department Deputy Minister Selection Application Form

First name






Date of birth


political status




Degree graduation unit


Graduation time and major


Contact information

Mobile Email          

Study resume

(From high school)







Job recognition

And work ideas

(500-1000 words)










Opinions of the Selection and Appointment Team of the Deputy Minister of Quality Department of the Technology Center








    Signed and sealed


                                 year month day

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